Ripple Farmers get on their Bikes

Monday's cyclists, Penny, Ade, Sarah, Martin, Lewis, Jane Who was it who sang 'I've never seen a farmer on a bike', well they were wrong. Ripple Farm workers rose to the challenge to clock up 150 'bike-to-work' miles during May, and they smashed it (well actually just scraped through). Anyway, we decided to go for 200 in June, and we've done it with 6 days to go!Most of us live in Wye, just under 3 miles away over quietish, undulating road, actually part of Sustrans Route 18. One of us lives 1/2 a mile away (no excuse), and the rest further afield or up very steep hills! We're hoping for everyone to try biking to work at least once during the summer, some of us can't get enough of it, and there's a separate challenge on for the fastest Wye to Farm ride!We may need to upgrade the bike shed soon and Simon, (aka Mr Fixit), who fixes our tractors and machinery is looking to get a bike stand now that he's servicing all our bikes too!