Sheep Shearing

Spectators  welcome, Sunday  7 July, 10-1, *(Weather  permitting)Kevin Luckhurst, of Moneytree Farm, Naccolt, has been grazing his sheep on Ripple Farm’s fields below Wye  Crown,  during the last month or two, as part of a fertility building rotation. They are due to be shorn (by Kevin himself, and helpers) on Sunday 7 July, 10-1 and  spectators are  welcome (rain will stop the shearing though, so check the  forecast). He has sheep in our fields either side of Occupation Road (the stony track  going up towards Wye Crown) so just look out for him, and feel free to leave the public footpaths for this event.   Picture Our fields, but not sure if these are Kevin's sheep, a pretty picture though!