Spring is Stir-Fry Season

Spring is definitely stir fry season at Ripple Farm, it's that time of year when the brassicas want to do what comes naturally, and spread their seeds, but first they flower and those flowering shoots make great stir-fry ingredients. Purple-sprouting broccoli (PSB) is a well-known flower shoot that we love to eat, but the flowering shoots of the kales are pretty tasty too. It almost seems, that despite giving us tasty leaves all season, their raison d'etre is really to give us their delicious flowering shoots for stir frying. The shoots of the sweeter kales 'Hungry Gap' and 'Red Russian' are particularly tasty. And, of course (the clue is in the name) there's the new kid on the block, the flower sprout!  As well as the lovely, sprout sized 'flower sprout' there are the much bigger flower sprout tops.And not to be outdone, the stumps of cut-off red cabbage throw up tasty shoots too! It's a bit like nose-to-tail eating in the brassica world!And we like to add an allium or two to our stir fry mixes too, so expect one or more of the following -  a baby leek, a few leaves (and sometimes flowers) of wild garlic, a spring onion or a spring garlic. Picture Young garlic