All Year Round Squash

Left = Patty Pan, right = Crown Prince We usually grow around 8-10 different varieties of squash at Ripple Farm, with the UFO shaped 'Patty Pan' squash being the first to be ready in July, and the 'Crown Prince' storing until April / May but this year we managed to have squash all year round. Last summer was particularly good for squash, our plants got enough rain to establish well, and then plenty of sun which the plants convert into sugars, helping the squash keep better and taste better too !We keep them in a fairly low-tech 'warm-store', as they don't like to get too cold! Its just a corner of our shed, insulated with wooden eco-board and using a small electric fan-heater to stop the temperature dropping too low in the winter (with electricity supplied by 'Ecotricity' )