Sharing the love

It's always good to know our customers enjoy and appreciate our vegetables - just sharing a few recent comments from our box scheme customers.

Thanks as always- I keep telling friends about how great the box scheme is.

Thank you to all at Ripple Farm for our tasty vegetable box. I still feel like it's a gift every week, all these years of having it!

Can I also just say how impressed we have been with the box scheme. The products are amazing and we really look forward to collecting ours every Thursday. It has transformed our eating habits and we are a very happy family as a consequence!

Also a big thumbs up to your veggies, myself and my family are enjoying all that you grow!

I'm loving the variety each week and feel great that I am helping the environment by having organic veg

Loving the veg box - it's gorgeous and varied and we're very happy, thank you!