Its that 'Wild Garlic' time of year

The short wild garlic season has just started. We harvest the leaves from a large patch in woodland at Burscombe Cliff Organic Farm, Egerton and in return we provide waste potatoes for the organically reared pigs and cows there. Look out for the long, dark green leaves in our stir fry bags and  salad bags as well as on its own.

The tasty leaves and flower heads of wild garlic are best eaten raw, try a few leaves in a sandwich, or added to a salad. I use a few leaves (instead of cloves of garlic) to make green hummus.

Wild garlic and hazelnut pesto is great on bread or with potatoes or pasta (40g wild garlic, 40g hazelnuts, 40g strong hard cheese (cheddar is fine), olive oil, dash of lemon juice and salt).

Try shredding a few leaves and adding to potato & parsnip mash or add right at the end of cooking mushrooms in butter.


As the season progresses, there will also be flower buds and open white flower heads, which can all be eaten, and look lovely in a salad. 

You can buy the wild garlic at Whitstable, Kent and Stoke Newington, London Farmers Markets, at some of the shops we supply or, if you live in East Kent, sign up for our box scheme here to taste it.