March/April News

We’ve had plenty of sun and March winds, and very little rain during March, enabling us to get lots of field work done. We’ve sown broad beans (covered by a cover to stop the rooks feasting on them), planted onion sets and potatoes, and transplanted some early kale plants. It's been great to get so much done in the fields, but dare I say it, we will need a few April showers soon!

The seeding glasshouse is full, and many baby plants have been moved out to harden off; we're still seeding more kale , chard and spinach and will be moving onto squash seeding soon. We're harvesting salad from the polytunnels, green wave mustard and giant red mustard mostly, as well as some mizuna, followed soon by claytonia. And still harvesting leeks, cabbages, cauli, purple sprouting, kale, spinach, chard and parsley from the fields..