July/August News

Most crops are growing well and have been well watered in now and just need some August sun. The onions need a dry week now too, so they can dry out in the field before being harvested for storage.  Martin has been happy with the recent wet, cool week though, just like being back in Ireland! We’ve had the big ‘Grimme’ potato harvester out for the first time and this will be in action plenty over the coming weeks. It’s a favourite job for many of our staff – always good when a machine can do some of the hard work!

The weed control is going well, although every time it rains a new batch of weeds get the chance to germinate. Docks and thistles are always a problem and we have an area of couch that we are trying to control. ‘Fat-hen’ is one of our more problematic annual weeds as it grows so big, and we have to do a fair bit of hand-weeding of this. The annual weeds we have to deal with have changed over the years and vary on different areas; we used to have a lot of redshank but more recent ones are shaggy soldier and annual mercury, both good self-seeders!

We’ve just seeded our last 7 trays of lettuce – these should be ready to be planted out in 4-5 weeks and still have our last batches of spinach, kale and chard to plant out.