August/September News

It felt like autumn came early this year with cool, misty mornings but we still got enough dry days to make a good start on our onion and potato harvesting. The early season heat in June gave the sun loving squash and sweetcorn a good start though, so both ripened up early despite the generally cooler July and August. As always, we’d like a sunny September to enable us to finish our potato and onion harvest, and sweeten the squash even more. 

Sweetcorn fritters – cooked sweetcorn makes great fritters although fritters are also a good way of using up various leftover cooked veg. I don’t normally weigh anything, but here’s an idea of quantities – mix together 40g flour, 1 egg, ½ tsp baking powder, salt and 50-60ml milk or water to make a fairly runny batter, stir in sweetcorn cut off one large cob (about 100g) (or other cooked veg). Heat a glug of oil in a frying pan, and fry spoonfuls of the mix, flattening them out when you first add the mix, and turn and cook the other side once brown. (makes 6 fritters)