Farm Walk 2017

We had a lovely sunny afternoon for our 2017 farm walk and welcomed a good crowd of customers and friends, including lots of eager children and dogs. Thanks to all for coming, it's always good for us to put faces to names and we know some of our customers like to come back year after year. Martin loves letting the children loose in the veg fields, the 'big kids' seem to enjoy it to! Squash hunting and chard waving were particularly popular activities and don't tell Martin but Grace thinks he is 'so cool'. And we received a lovely coment from a Whitstable customer 'We had great time - as always - on yesterday's farm walk. Martin's enthusiasm for the farm is infectious! We love receiving our box and seeing what goodies are inside. It's a real treat to see "our" veggies growing!'

We're going to have to grow a giant pumpkin next year to make 'guess the weight of the pumpkin' a bit harder though - well done Jamie for an almost spot-on guess.