January News

Martin has started to order seeds, onion sets and seed potatoes for the 2018 growing season, some of our favourite varieties but we're always trying new ones too. Mewanwhile in the fields, we're still harvesting kale, spinach, chard, salad leaves, raddichio, sprouts, leeks, cabbage, kalettes (flower sprouts), parsnips, carrots and swede with potatoes, onions and squash all in store.

New Year’s Winter Veg. Stir Fry -  try a seasonal stir-fry, much more interesting than the standard spring onion and pepper combination; you can put just about any of our winter veggies in a stir fry; onions, leeks, carrots, swede, cauli, parsnip, squash, celeriac, cabbage, sprouts and any leafy greens can all be used. Just slice roots finely or use a peeler. We sometimes give you a stir fry bag, containing a variety of leaves, shoots and usually a small leek (or spring onion, when ready).