October/November 2018 News

October gave us lots of sunny and dry weather enabling us to almost finish our spud and squash harvesting, yippee! The squash were tucked up in our warm store before the cooler weather at the end of October arrived.The squash are particularly tasty this year having had so much sun whilst growing. 

Look out for the red-fleshed ‘Amelie’ potatoes  they seem to be very popular. We also have purple skinned 'Arran Victory' - great for roasties and mashing. 'Charlottes' are a firmer=fleshed variety, great for steaming or roasting, and any leftovers make good fried spuds. Our red skinned 'Sarpo Mira' make the best oven chips.

Farm Walk – It was lovely to see so many of you at our farm walk despite the cold and wet weather. It’s good to meet new customers and to have some of you come back to see us and the farm again.