December 2018 / January 2019

Thanks for all your cards and good wishes at Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. We’re hoping not to have to contend with ‘Beast from the East’ or a summer drought in 2019. The mild weather between Christmas and the New Year made for a relaxing break, no worrying about frost damage or wind damage or hungry pigeons!

Raw Veg. Salads  If you’re in need of a New Year’s Detox, some nutrient rich raw veggies could be the answer. With the exception of potatoes, all our winter veggies can be eaten raw, the secret is to cut up small, so a grater, peeler or food processor all come in useful. Then, just get inventive with the veggie combinations and dressings. I particularly like grated beetroot and finely sliced red cabbage with a handful of toasted seeds thrown in, and maybe a few dried dates cut up small, and a dressing of olive oil, salt and pepper (and parsley, though it’s in short supply now).

Finely shredded sprouts make a good salad ingredient too (try it!), as do any of our kale leaves, black kale/Cavolo Nero works particularly well


The photo of Martin harvesting sprouts in a T-shirt was taken on 21 December !! Good not to be too cold but if it's a result of man-made climate change then not so good.