June / July 2019 News

The rain towards the end of June was needed but a bit less would have been enough! With our light, chalky soils we were able to start planting again soon after but weed control was delayed for a week or so. We’re playing catch up on the weeds now as the ground is drying out fast again after the extreme heat over the weekend. The new season’s crops are looking much better and bigger now. Our squash was planted very late this year, delayed by too dry, then too wet ground, but is growing well now. Most of our leeks are planted and protected from rabbits by a low electric fence.

Farmland Birds

Richard Earland is a regular walker and photographer on the paths around the fields we rent at Wye and has sent us some great pics he’s taken of birds there. These are now on a page on his website and he will be adding to this throughout the year. Our favourites so far are the ones of the 4 kestrels fledging.



The new season’s bunching beetroot gives you 2 in 1, a leafy green and a sweet root. Best to take the tops off and use straight away or keep in the fridge in a plastic bag for a day or two before eating. The root can be boiled and eaten hot or cold, roast to enhance its sweetness or grated raw for a salad (I add spring onion, sultanas and pumpkin seeds and a dressing).