August / September 2019 News

August was busier than usual as some of our planting was a bit behind schedule but we’re almost caught up now and as always, we’re hoping for a sunny September for our onion and potato harvesting and to ripen the squash. Autumn is our busiest time for harvesting – as well as harvesting fresh vegetables 5 or 6 days a week all year round, we have our biggest range of crops to harvest during the Autumn. And then we also have to fit in harvesting our stored crops - onions, spuds and squash. Martin has been through the onions to under-cut them, so they are all laying on the surface, ready for us to pick them up by hand into buckets and we've made a good start on this already. Then we'll be onto spuds, leaving the squash to ripen as long as possible before harvesting them.

Sweetcorn fritters – cooked sweetcorn makes great fritters although fritters are also a good way of using up various leftover cooked veg. I don’t normally weigh anything, but here’s an idea of quantities – mix together 40g flour, 1 egg, ½ tsp baking powder, salt and 50-60ml milk or water to make a fairly runny batter, stir in sweetcorn cut off one large cob (about 100g) (or other cooked veg). Heat a glug of oil in a frying pan, and fry spoonfuls of the mix, flattening them out when you first add the mix, and turn and cook the other side once brown. (makes 6 fritters)   

Packaging – feedback please Remember to give us your feedback on the compostable bags we have been using in our own box scheme for the past 2 months – are they keeping the greens fresh? Has anyone tried them in a garden compost heap? When we’ve bunched greens and not bagged lettuce, has this kept OK? We try and cover these with something in a bag to help prevent them wilting.