September / October 2019 News

We’ve harvested all our onions now for winter storage, and made a start on the potatoes, but while it’s been so wet we’ve switched to harvesting squash. And thinking ahead to next season, our garlic seed has arrived – we plant this through beds of biodegradable plastic, usually in the Autumn.

We're at a peak for choice of vegetables right now, with the last of the summer crops of courgettes, sweetcorn, tomates and peppers almost finished and the Autumn crops such as leeks, cabbage, celery, swede, celeriac starting as well as a full range of different squahes - bountiful!!

Our tractor driver, Rachel took part in the East Kent ploughing match on 25/9 and had her best result yet - 3rd in her category (out of 7) 1st in her class , 3 furrow reversible. Well done Rachel, tricky conditions, frequent showers making it slippy, yet the ground was still dry lower down making it hard to keep the plough in the ground !