November / December 2019 News

It's been lovely to have some sun this week, although it has been very cold in the mornings and we do have to wait an hour or two before we can go out harvesting. There was a stunning sunset on Monday evening framing one of my favourite trees (an oak tree in the hedge at Ripple Farm).

Kale pesto – with no leftovers in the fridge for lunch I finally tried making kale pesto. I had a handful of cavolo nero leaves left from a mixed kale bunch, and that was enough, along with some strong cheddar, almonds, olive oil, garlic, salt and a slice of lemon. A chunkier texture than basil pesto, but delicious, especially with the hit of lemon.

Ripple Farm are taking part in Wye's Christmas Tree festival this year, and all the decorations will be made from what's grown in the fields and hedges, so a few undersized acorn squash, along with teasels, dogwood stars, old man's beard and more. Ripple Farm will also be involved in Wye's annual Christmas Street Party this Friday, Martin and staff volunteer to put up and take down the tents whilst Sarah and staff will be selling soup made with Ripple Farm's veggies in aid of KRAN (Kent Refugee Action Network).