January/February News 2020

Our greens in the field are getting scarce but the mostly mild and wet winter means they haven’t suffered any significant frost damage. Other crops still in the field in February are carrots, parsnips, swede, leeks, PSB, cabbages, sprouts, radicchio and mustard salad leaves. Oh, and potatoes but we managed to harvest a few rows of these at the end of Jan. and were happy to find very little slug damage – a very muddy job though!

We’ve made a good start on our leek seeding as well as a few trays of early kales, chard and spinach.


Tree planting – we’ve been gapping up some of our hedges with tree saplings from the Woodland Trust, UK sourced and grown. They’re a mixture of oak, birch, wild cherry, hazel, hawthorn and rowan. The saplings are small and there are a lot of rabbits around so we’re protecting them with tree spirals. The Woodland Trust supplies tree spirals made from recycled PVC and offcuts and haven’t yet found suitable biodegradable alternatives to plastic tree guards and spirals.