March/April 2020 News

We’re feeling very lucky that we can keep on working and have some sort of normality although, of course, we’ve had to adapt to the 2m distancing in the fields and in the packing shed and lots of hand washing and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces etc. We've had a huge demand for vegetables, which unfortunately comes at the time when we’re running out of most things.

On a positive note we’ve started planting onion sets and will be planting potatoes this week, and maybe even transplanting some early kale plants. We usually plant 3 rows of onion sets, with 3 people sat on the back of the transplanter, but we’ve changed to just the 2 rows to maintain a distance between workers, and may well have to come up with a way of using screens to make this job safer.

We will be including salad leaves from the Wye glasshouses in the salad bags very soon, and as the land there has another year to go before it is certified fully organic, these will be labelled as ‘product under conversion to organic farming’.


Farmer's Markets

Although food markets are an important way for people to buy healthy food, the logistics of running some of them safely in the current Coronavirus crisis can be difficult and some are offering alternative ways of shopping. The weekly Stoke Newington farmer's Market is still happening with very strict protocol to keep everyone safe and we will sell there as long as it remains open.

But Whitstable offered an online ordering shop last week, and may well do so again and Wye is doing something similar on 4 April - check out the relevant websites to find out what is happeneing.

Wye Farmers Market    check for details

Whitstable Farmers Market  check for details