Summer 2020

Salad Days  

Apologies that we don't have much salad veggies to put in the veggie boxes this week, especially as it will be 'salad weather'. The mustard leaves and mizuna have been attacked by flea beetle - a common occurrence at this time of year. Hopefully the next sowing will be OK. And even though we sow lettuce every 2 weeks to try and keep a continuous supply, things don't always go to plan and we have a gap between sowings. All boxes should have at least one salad item though - tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce or salad bag. The bunching beetroot makes a colorful salad ingredient too- either cooked and dressed or grated raw.


We have had some problems sourcing enough carrots over recent weeks (partly due to recent increased demand from other box schemes) and our own crop are still fairly small, so we've had to reduce the quantities.


Our Chartham collection point is courtesy of 'The Forager', who supplies wild foods including some 'weeds' harvested from Ripple's fields. You can read and subscribe to their foraging zine here

Ripple Farm Organics on film

One of the London box schemes we supply visited us last Autumn to film the start of the journey of a bunch of rainbow chard, following it from field to fork - watch it here

Box Scheme waiting list

We have started taking on new customers from the waiting list we started in March but we've still got a way to go before we can open up our website for new orders again.