August/September 2020 News

Most of this growing season has been either too wet or too dry with not much middle ground. Showers forecast during the 2nd half of August kept missing us, and then when we finally got more than 20mm from one at Ripple Farm the fields at Wye got nothing! We did eventually get a good amount of rain in all of our fields and now, as ever, we are now hoping for a sunny September to finish ripening the squash and ease us into Autumn gently.

We have started harvesting the squash as we need it, waiting for the sun to ripen it more before harvesting for storing.

Our onions are small again this year as they didn’t get rain when they needed it and the same goes for our Charlotte potatoes, but the maincrop potato varieties have done much better.

Cauli and broccoli – remember you can eat the leaves from both cauliflower and broccoli – I’ve been stir-frying my broccoli, the leaves and stems need a bit more cooking than the florets.