October/November News

All of our squash are in the warm-store now ready for use over the next few months. I wish our potatoes were all harvested too but there are still a lot in the ground after it was too wet for much of the autumn for us to harvest them. We’ll have to get them out the slow way anytime the ground dries out enough.

Most of our garlic is planted, some outside and also some in the glasshouse. This is the first time we have tried garlic under cover but as we only have a few months of our lease in the glasshouse left it seemed a good crop to try. It should give us some early ‘green garlic’.


We donated a sack of veggies to Ashford Holiday Kitchen through the summer hols and since then to ‘People’s Pantry’, also in Ashford – this was arranged by Willesborough’s Green Party Councillor, Liz Wright and goes towards food boxes and prepared meals for those in need of them. Of course, it’s a shame there is so much need but good that fresh veggies can be included as well as dried/tinned foods. We’ve also been donating a weekly sack of veggies to the ‘Catching Lives’ daycentre for the homeless in Canterbury for more than 5 years now, which our wonderful cycle couriers deliver for free. We don’t like to shout about this but realise that it’s our customers that enable us to do things like this so it’s thanks to all of you.