November / December News

We had a few dry days at the end of November enabling us to sow broad beans that should be ready for next spring. We also harvested a few more potatoes the slow way, i.e picking them up by hand – they came up fairly muddy though. We’ve had to buy in some potatoes for the box scheme for now, as there are still lots of our own crop in the ground.

Martin has started ordering seed potatoes as well as leek and onion seeds ready for next year, as well as compost all ready to start next season’s seed sowing into trays in January.

Vegetable box provenance – looking at the box scheme figures during 2019, the contents were approximately 70% home grown, 85% Kentish and of course, 100% organic. We have previously aimed for 80% home grown and 90% Kentish so wanted to be totally transparent letting you know that this has changed and is likely to be similar for 2020.

Green celery and celeriac – our celery has a great flavour* but it is a cooking variety. You can try it raw but it takes a bit of chewing! It’s perfect for soup, or just adding to stews/casseroles etc. I usually make soup with the leafy tops and outside stems, then keep the rest in the plastic bag in the fridge to use in other dishes.     *We’ve had quite a bit of positive feedback about the flavour of our celery!

We harvest our celeriac fresh so the leaves can be used in soup/stews. I like to add the flesh to potato for a celeriac mash, or include a few celeriac oven chips with my potato ones.