July/August 2021 News

We’ve finally caught up on transplanting, some of the squash may not do too well due to being transplanted so late but most other things will soon catch up. Martin has been trying to squeeze in as much mechanical weeding in as he can when the ground is dry enough but we keep getting showers though so there has still been lots of hand-weeding to do this year.

The leafy greens are enjoying the wet, cooler weather but we'd like some sun in August to give us a good squash crop.

We’ve got the trail camera set up on our new pond now to see who is using it and also to discover who has been making holes in the top of the liner. Good to see a picture of a turtle dove at the pond and it looks like it’s a fox damaging the liner. Lots more images to look through, we’ll share some of the best on twitter and facebook.

It’s the time of plenty for courgettes but they are very versatile!  I like to sauté chunks in a little olive oil, keeping them a bit crunchy. Roasting, grilling or bbq-ing slices also works well. You can add grated courgette to cake, make courgetti, grate raw in a salad, make ratatouille – add to anything really. They go very well with garlic and/or chilli. Make the most of them, they’re only in season for a few months!