August/September 2021 News

August flew by as we were still busy with late transplanting and weeding even though harvesting was fairly quiet as it’s holiday time for many. It feels like the fields and polytunnels are bursting with produce right now, the sweetcorn is ready along with summer squash and some of the winter squash varieties. The leafy greens are growing well, and the courgettes have slowed down but still producing. Most of the polytunnel crops get sold at the Wye, Whitstable and Stoke Newington Farmer’s Markets as there are only small amounts of most things, but the hot wax chilli plants are laden with chillies, and these will be in the veggie boxes in September and October (they are still fairly mild, but always wise to taste a small bit before using).

We now need a small bit of rain to soften the ground for our big potato harvester, and to give the brassicas and links a boost as well as plently of sun to ripen the squash!! We should get one or the other anyway!

Sweetcorn – It’s a short season for sweetcorn so we’ll be putting them in our veg boxes frequently over the next few weeks, whilst we have plenty. The big cobs are usually easy to snap in half or thirds to make smaller portions. They’re delicious steamed and eaten on the cob and here are a few recipes to try