Supplementary Feeding for Turtle Doves 2021

This is our 2nd year of scattering a seed mix weekly for 8-10 weeks starting in May as a supplementary feed for turtle doves. The turtle dove is now the UK’s most threatened breeding bird. Its population has fallen by 94% in the UK since 1995 but one or two can usually be heard and seen around the fields at Ripple Farm's Crundale fields and this supplementary feeding helps them out early on in the year when there may not be enough wild flower seeds to forage for.


This has been aranged by Nicole Khan, RSPB Turtle Dove Conservation Officer and this year Nicole installed a trailcam in the area where the supplementary feeding was carried out and Theresa has looked through the thousands of images and put together this lovely montage of pictures and text to tell the story of who's eating the seed and/or visiting the field.