October/November News

It’s all change in our glasshouses and polytunnels with the summer crops cleared out and winter salad transplanted and sown. And out in the fields we have planted more than half of our garlic crop, the bulbs are split up and planted by hand so quite a slow job but one we can do whatever the weather, it’s more enjoyable when it’s not raining and cold though!!

The leafy greens in the field are still a good size and quality so we’ll continue to bunch them as long as we can to reduce packaging. Remember to refresh in cold water if they’re a bit limp when you get them home and keep in a plastic bag in the fridge (you can re-use one of our salad bags).

Farm Walk It was great to see so many of our vegetable box scheme customers at our October 2021 Farm Walk, especially after not having one in 2020. We had lovely weather and lots of walking as the cropping areas are all quite far apart.

Super swedes – our swede crop is looking good this year, it benefitted from the cooler, wet summer. I love it steamed or roast and served with lots of black pepper. If any of the customers who currently exclude swede want to try some one week, just to give it another try just let me know! Here’s a few more recipe ideas.



Here’s a few links about COP26 from the Soil Association (our organic certifying body), Ecocity (our electric supplier) and the Land Workers Alliance.