November / December News

We had a relatively mild and dry November, which made harvesting more enjoyable, and meant the leafy greens and salad leaves kept on growing. Storm Arwen changed that though, bringing winter in with gusty winds and freezing temperatures.

At this time of year, when we’re not busy harvesting and packing our day-to-day orders, we’ll try and harvest carrots, parsnips and beetroot ahead on days when it’s not too wet. We’ve also got more hedge planting planned for the winter, and on the really bad weather days we can start tidying the seeding glasshouse ready for next year’s seed sowing.

We harvested our parsnips for ths week's veggie boxes, and harvested the first sprouts for last week's markets in Stoke Newington and Whitstable so it must be December! And the Christmas hits have been blaring out in the packing shed so that's definite then!

Our wildlife enthusiast has promised us a monthly medley of pics from the trailcam but she's  a bit behind, so here's September's selection!AsEKy5UZ7yPbgaFgi2Xr1lUS5FN29A