June/July 2022 News

June passed by in a blur of seeding, transplanting and weeding, in between the harvesting and packing with more of the same to come in July before things quieten down for a few weeks! A drop of rain soon would help us out now, Martin might have to do his rain dance soon!

The new season’s beetroot is lovely and sweet, remember you can eat the leaves and stems. It’s particularly nice roasted with a couple of cm of stem left on.


Turtle dove – we’ve just heard the lovely purring of a turtle dove a few times now and caught a few images of one in the supplementary feeding area on the trail camera, which we’re very happy about. Not quite as good as last year though when we had 4 feeding at one time. More news on conservation of the turtle dove here



And here’s some of the best images from the trail camera over the last few months.

Trail Cam Album


Solar electricity

We had 8 solar panels installed on our packing shed roof last August, and happy to report that during June we were generating on average 60% of the electricity we used at the farm, as well as exporting some to the grid. Our main usage is the summer is to plug in the chiller van and small stationery chiller so battery storage may be the next investment to get the best use from the solar panels as the chillers use some power overnight.


Price increase – sorry to report that the veg box prices will be increasing in September. Our biggest expenditure is on wages and we increase these every year, and this as well as increased costs in fuel, packaging, seeds and seeding compost amongst other things mean that we need to pass some of this on to our customers.