Frequently Asked Questions


Is all the produce organic?

Yes, the veggie box contents are 100% organically grown and approximately 80% are grown by Ripple Farm Organics on land we rent that is certified by the Soil Association each year. The Soil Association is the largest UK organic certification body as well as being a charity that campaigns for a better way to farm, eat and care for the natural world.

How much produce is in each size box?

Click here (pdf document) for an idea of what is in the veggie boxes throughout the year. As we are a small, grower led box scheme it is not practical for us to publish a list of contents each week, so we hope you enjoy the surprise!

Can I substitute an item?

We realise that not every-one likes (or can eat) all the vegetables that we grow and so we allow 2 exclusions per box. You can also specify any preferred replacement(s) although these are not guaranteed. Potatoes, carrots, onions and seasonal greens are usually available all year round, also squash from July until Mar and salad from April to December.

Email us to request an exclusion and preferred replacement or login to your account and you should see the 'Welcome page. (If you're already logged in you can get to the 'Welcome' page by selecting 'Manage your account'.) Then select the VEG BOX EXCLUSIONS box.

Any current exclusions and preferred replacements will be shown on this page, and you can add new ones, and change current ones by first deleting current exclusions/replacements then adding new exclusions/replacements. 

Any changes need to be notified to us before midday Monday each week, and if you make changes to your exclusions/replacements yourselves after the midday Monday deadline they won’t be actioned until the following week.

How much of the produce is grown by Ripple Farm?

We aim for 80% home grown, 90% Kentish, and 100% organic on average throughout the year. We have to source more from other growers during the ‘Hungry Gap’ in May/June. Andy Ward of Nash Nursery near Canterbury supplies the eggs as well as vegetables, including most of the cauliflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers and other veg through the year. We deliver our own produce to Better Food Shed,  to a not-for-profit ethical wholesaler in London twice a week and we’re able to source organic produce from there too. And we sometimes source bulk amounts of potatoes and carrots direct from other UK organic growers when we don’t have enough of our own.

Can I add extras to my order?

You can add extras to your order weekly/forttnightly or as a one off. login to your account and you should see the 'Welcome' page. (If you're already logged in you can get to the 'Welcome' page by selecting 'Manage your account'.) Then select the MAKE A NEW ORDER BOX. You then have the option of adding a veg box or veg box extras. Select veg box extras, then you can add the available items as a regular or one off addition to your order. If you already have something added to your order this will be shown in the yellow band below the item.

Alternatively, the list of extra veggies available is in the newsletter that is emailed out with your monthly statement, contact us before midday Monday to add anything to your order for that week.

Do you offer fruit?

We source organic apples from a small grower in Kent, Dennis at Little Knell Farm and these are usually available as extras from September to December. That is the only fruit we offer.

What is this and how do I cook it?

We try and keep you up-to-date with what vegetables to expect in your box through the newsletter every month.There is some great info and recipes on here

 Also, tips here to make the most of your veggie box contents. And tips here on freezing vegetables.

The London box schemes we supply give out great recipes on twitter – try following @growcomm,  @localgreensveg @cropdrop and @leegreens

But if you have any particular queries on anything in your box please contact us and we will try and help.

Also, follow us on Twitter @rippleorganics and facebook /ripplefarmorganics for news and pics from the farm

What is the 'Hungry Gap'?

The 'Hungry Gap' is the time when UK grown fresh produce is scarce, usually April to June. The stored crops such as potatoes, onions and squash are coming to an end, field vegetables such as leeks, cabbages, kale, spinach and chard are also finishing and running to seed. And although, many new season's crops are in the ground, they still need more time to grow before they are ready to harvest.


How do I cancel a delivery?

login to your account  and you should see the 'Welcome' page. (If you're already logged in you can get to the 'Welcome' page by selecting 'Manage your account'.) Then select the SUSPEND OR CANCEL box. You can then select the dates yuo wish to cancel your order for. The cut off for the current week’s cancellations is midday Monday.

Alternatively, contact us before midday Monday to cancel your delivery.

How do I change my order?

login to your account  and you should see the 'Welcome page'. (If you're already logged in you can get to the 'Welcome' page by selecting 'Manage your account'.) Select the 'EDIT A CURRENT ORDER box. You will then be able to edit your regular order or edit an order for a particular date. The cut off for the current week’s changes is midday Monday.

Alternatively, contact us before midday Monday to change your order.

What is the latest time to change/cancel my order?

Any changes/cancellations need to be actioned or emailed to us by midday Monday please for the current week’s deliveries. But we are understanding, so if you have a last minute emergency and need to cancel at short notice please contact us to request

Help, I need to cancel after the midday Monday deadline!

Boxes cancelled after Midday Monday (for the following Thursday) but before midday Wednesday, by ‘phone, e-mail or post will not be delivered but you will be charged a late cancellation fee (small £3, medium £4, large £5)

Boxes cancelled after midday Wednesday (for the following day’s delivery) will be delivered and charged at full price.

Please contact us if unforeseen circumstances mean you will not be able to collect a box that we are delivering. But if you just decide to go away at the last minute or forget to cancel until too late then please try and arrange for someone else to collect and use your box.

Can I have a fortnightly order?

Yes, you can set up a regular weekly or fortnightly order.

How often can I cancel my order?

There is no obligation to have a veggie box every week, you can cancel your order as often as you need to.



Do you deliver to my home?

We deliver door-to-door in Wye, Brook, Boughton Aluph and Hastingleigh. We also use the wonderful Velocity Cycle couriers (Isabelle and Andrew) to deliver door to door within Canterbury (incurs an additional cost). You don’t need to be in when we deliver, you just need somewhere outside with shade/shelter where the veggies can be left.

All other deliveries are to collection points in East Kent, with deliveries every Thursday.

Can I collect a veggie box from the Farm?

Pre-ordered veggie boxes can be collected direct from the farm every Thursday from midday.

When can I collect from a collection point?

Deliveries are every Thursday, and collection times are listed below.  please note that these times allow for delays due to traffic etc, and we usually actually deliver before the time specified. .Please collect as soon as possible for fresher veggies.

Willesborough from 11am
Aldington, Saltwood, Hythe from 1pm
Folkestone, Lyminge & Bridge from 2pm
Prospect Place, Canterbury from 3pm
Whitstable and Tankerton from 4pm
Faversham from 5pm

I need to collect late, who should I contact?

It’s polite to let your collection point host know if you will be collecting late or let us know and we’ll pass it on.



Can I return my empty box/sack to you?

Yes, please return your empty box or paper sack weekly/regularly. Just leave it at the collection point when you collect your new one or if you have home delivery leave it out where we leave your full one.

What should I do with the compostable bags?

Any clean ones can be returned with your box and we re-use them to pack potatoes in for the box scheme. Any that are dirty or have deteriorated can be added to your home compost heap or returned to us and we’ll compost them. Or check if your food waste collection allows them and use them for lining your compost caddy.

Please don’t return compostable bags to us that aren't from us as we don’t have a use for them.

What should I do with the empty plastic bags?

Any clean ones can be returned to us with your box and we re-use them for packing potatoes into for the box scheme. It’s always useful to keep a few in your kitchen to keep any bunched greens in, store carrots or leeks in etc. And many supermarkets have recycling bins where they can be disposed of (they are made of LDPE)

Can I return my empty egg boxes to you?

Yes, please return your empty egg boxes (but only the ones we supply). We pass them back to Nash Nursery as the family also have  a farm shop where they are re-used.

Where do I find more information about the packaging you use?

We are constantly assessing our packaging use and trying to reduce or choose the least environmentally damaging options. It’s not always very black and white and here’s some news we’ve shared previously.  2018

why-were-still-using-plastic-bags-for-salad-and-some-greens   2019



How do I set up  direct debit payments?

login to your account  and you should see the 'Welcome page'. (If you're already logged in you can get to the 'Welcome' page by selecting 'Manage your account'.) Select the PAYMENTS box. You will then be able to create a direct debit mandate and see a record of your payments. When you create ypour dorect debit mandate you do not need to enter an amount, the mandate allows us to request payment each week/month following your deliveries.

How do I pay by bacs?

You can pay by bacs monthly on receipt of your statement to this account. make sure you use your surname as a reference.

Ripple Farm Organics Ltd

Sort code : 08 92 99

Acc. No. 69975309

Can I pay by cheque?

Please make your cheque payable to Ripple Farm Organics Ltd and post to Ripple Farm Organics, Crundale Canterbury CT4 7EB

Where can I see my payments and orders?

login to your account  and you should see the 'Welcome page' (If you're already logged in you can get to the 'Welcome' page by selecting 'Manage your account'.) Select the PAYMENTS box. You will then be able to see a record of your payments. 

I cancelled my order for this week but have still been charged by Gocardless direct debit, why?

For weekly paying customers we always request payment a few days AFTER each delivery, usually on the Monday following the Thursday delivery. When we request a payment you should receive an automated email from gocardless informing you of this as well as an email from Ripple Farm Organics detailing what the payment is for.



I need to contact someone, what’s the best way to get in touch?

Emails are usually checked several times a day so that’s the best way to get in touch. contact us by email

We check the farm answerphone daily on weekdays  01227 730898, please leave your own number clearly of you need a call back.

Do you have a farm shop?

We don’t have a farm shop, and the only produce available direct from the farm is pre-ordered veggie boxes. We have a stall at Wye and Whitstable Farmer’s Markets, and Stoke Newington Farmer’s Market London. Click here for where to buy our produce.

Do you need any workers/volunteers?

We usually take on a paid worker for the summer months and will advertise here if we need some one for this role or any other role.

We don’t take volunteers as we are set up to provide paid employment. If you want to volunteer on an organic farm try contacting WWOOF

What do you do with your out grade produce?

We pass on out graded produce to a couple of local livestock farmers, Wye Community Farm and Burscombe Cliff Farm

Can you help with my research/dissertation/project?

We receive lots of requests from students and we help when we can, but don’t have the time to say yes to everyone. We prioritise students studying locally.

Do you follow regenerative agriculture practices?

Find out more about our growing methods and how they tie in with regenerative agriculture here