Ripple Farm Salad Leaves

Ripple Farm Organics ‘Mixed Leaf Salad Bags’ are  harvested by hand at the Farm in Kent, early in the day to benefit from any dew,  and packed the same day with care taken in their presentation.

What’s in a Bag?

The salad bag contents are carefully chosen to  give a balance of tastes, textures, aromas and colours to please the taste buds and  the eyes. Edible flowers are often included for appearance (they taste good too)  and a variety of herbs are added sparingly to complement the salad leaves. The  mix of ingredients changes gradually through the seasons.  

The ‘summer’ bags tend to be milder and sweeter, a typical bag  may include mizuna, green wave, rocket,  lolla rossa and oakleaf lettuce with a taste of nasturtium leaf and flower. The  ‘winter’ bags rely on more of the hardy, and often hot, Chinese and Japanese  leaves, a bag may include the hot giant red mustard, bright red raddichio, green  wave, pak choi and the delicate yellow flowers of purple flowering choy sum. No  two bags are the same, with ingredients changing from week to week according to  the seasons.

Preparing the Salad

The salad leaves are packed un-washed. To  prepare, we recommend washing, then cutting or tearing all the leaves and mixing  together, and serve with a dressing of your choice. Keep refridgerated.

Mustard - Allergen Warning

For most of the year our mixed leaf salad bags contain mustard leaves, this is indicated on our salad bag labels as mustard is one of 14 allergens that must be clearly labelled on UK packaging.

Salad Leaf: 
Green Wave Mustard
Green, frilled leaf. Distictive mustardy taste, usually grown all year. Warning : Possible allergen
Claytonia (Miner's Lettuce)
Small, heart-shaped green leaves on a long stem, with delicate white flowers at the centre. Succulent, mild tasting leaves. Dec-May
Giant Red Mustard
Colourful leaf, ranging from deep purple to green with purple veins. Very hot! Nov - May Warning : Possible allergen
Pak Choi
Green leaf on white stem. Flowering shoots also used. Stem is juicy, leaf has a hint of mild mustard, shoot is sweet. Nov - May
Red Russian Kale
New leaves are light green with purple ribs, and these darken to purple as they grow, and through exposure to cold. A very sweet tasting kale, the one most often nibbled on when out in the field! We grow it July to March, but generally just added to the winter salad mixes.
Green, fer like leaves, long and thin. Juicy tatse, only slightly spicy. Jun- Dec
Green-in Snow
Green leaf with serrated leaf, similar to 'Green Wave' but even hardier (hence the name). Distictive, mustardy taste. Can be grown all year round.
Red Dandelion
Long, thin green leaf with bright red ribs. A bitter salad leaf, used sparingley to add colour and strong flavour to milder leaves.
Oakleaf Lettuce
A loose-leaf lettuce, Oak leaf has very attractive serrated, deep-green leaves sometimes tinged with red.
Salad Rocket
Pictured here in flower, dark green, lobed leaves, white flowering shoots also harvested. Distictive, peppery taste. All year round
'Hungry Gap' Kale
Lightish green, frilled edge leaf, 'Hungry Gap' is a very sweet kale, the smaller leaves are picked for our salad bags. Oct-Apr
Long, thin green leaves with a very slightly hot taste.
Wild Rocket
Diplotaxis tenuifolia is a species of flowering plant in the mustard family known by the common name perennial wall-rocket. This plant is native to Europe and Western Asia. It can be found throughout much of the temperate world where it has naturalized.