Ripple Farm Organics has been growing seasonal organic vegetables and salad for it's East Kent and London based wholesale customers for almost 20 years and therefore know the quality that these customers demand and deserve.

Situated in the heart of Kent, yet within 50 miles of Central London we offer 'Local Freshness' direct. Not only do we deliver to order, direct to businesses, we also harvest  to order, eliminating the time many vegetables spend in storage between producer  to wholesaler to retailer.

We supply numerous shops and box schemes in Kent and London, including the award winning Growing Communities.
See our Where to Buy page for an up-to-date listing.

100% of our produce is grown by us on our organic farm in Kent.

For a current price list and to discuss your requirements please contact Martin Mackey by email martin@ripplefarmorganics.co.uk. Make sure you give us your delivery location.


Click on these links for details of some of the vegetables/salads we grow

Ripple Farm Organics Salad Bags

Ripple Farm Organics Kale

Ripple Farm Organics Squash